Abstracts are due March 7, 2012

Reminder: Abstracts for the 2012 WWAC Symposium are due March 7, 2012.

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There are three ways you can present your work:

  • 35 minute PowerPoint presentation (no paper)
  • 6-12 page paper and a 35 minute PowerPoint presentation
  • Large format 3’x4’ poster

We pleased to extend an open invitation for the submission of abstracts for presentations, papers and posters at this year’s symposium.  Abstracts are to be 250 words long and must be submitted electronically via email to the program committee.

This open invitation includes anyone who is involved with the automation, instrumentation, system integration, operation, maintenance, management and/or construction of facilities the water/wastewater sector.


This year’s symposium also has two speaking tracks:

  • Track 1 – Instrumentation, System Integration, Automation, Plant Case Studies, New Technologies
  • Track 2 – SCADA, HMI, Human Factors, Alarm Management, Plant Optimization


In both speaking tracks, we welcome both technical and “case-study” submissions. Case studies can showcase new plants, plant upgrades, plant optimizations and/or the implementation of new technologies in the field. Lessons-learned presentations are also actively welcomed.

Looking for some ideas on what to present? Look at our List of over 200 Presentation, Paper, and Poster Ideas on this website.

We also have a full collection of author resources on our website to help you prepare your abstract submission:

About GrahamNasby

General Symposium Chair ---- Graham Nasby, P.Eng., PMP works for Eramosa Engineering Inc. (http://www.eramosa.com), which is a specialty engineering consulting firm that focuses on electrical engineering, system integration, data visualization, and SCADA master planning. Eramosa has extensive experience with the municipal water and wastewater sectors. Contact: graham.nasby@grahamnasby.com