Symposium Keynote Speaker: Celine Hyer on Asset Management

Celine Hyer, WWAC2012 Keynote Speaker

The symposium committee is pleased to announce that Celine Hyer from Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS will be our keynote speaker for the 2012 WWAC symposium. She will be presenting a keynote address on Tuesday, August 8 about the many challenges that water and wastewater utilities now face in terms of managing risk and aging infrastructure.

Aging infrastructure and managing risk are major concerns in our industry. A recent US EPA study estimated that $334.8 billion needs to be spent over the next 20 years on drinking water infrastructure needs. A similar study from the Amercian Society of Civil Engineers pegged an even higher cost for wastewater infrastructure renewal in the US.   Automation, instrumentation and SCADA systems have an important part of play in solving the infastructure renewal puzzle, all while careful mitigating and managing risk.

 2012 WWAC Keynote Address:
Facing Utility Challenges: Managing Risk and Addressing Aging Infrastructure Needs
Speaker: Celine Hyer, Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS

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About our Keynote Speaker

Celine Hyer is a Principal Consultant with Red Oak Division of Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS in their Tampa, Florida, USA office where she leads their asset management practice for the South.  She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology.  Celine has 23 years of experience in Engineering with 13 years that are directly related to Water and Wastewater Utility Management, including asset management, master planning, capital planning and strategic planning projects.  She is currently leading asset management projects throughout the United States for medium and large utilities including New York City DEP, Dallas Water Utility, Lee County Utilities, and Toho Water Authority. ,

About GrahamNasby

General Symposium Chair ---- Graham Nasby, P.Eng., PMP works for Eramosa Engineering Inc. (, which is a specialty engineering consulting firm that focuses on electrical engineering, system integration, data visualization, and SCADA master planning. Eramosa has extensive experience with the municipal water and wastewater sectors. Contact: