Introducing Tom DeLaura: Our WEF Liaison

We are pleased to announce that Tom DeLaura, P.E. has joined our symposium organizing committee as our WEF Liaison. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is one of the largest associations focused upon preserving and enhancing the global water environment, especially for wastewater collection and treatment.

Tom is an active member both AWWA and WEF, currently Chair of the WEF Automation & Information Technology Committee, serves on several other national and section level AWWA/WEF committees, and is a trustee for the Michigan Section of the AWWA.  He has extensive experience with water utilities, and has worked in all facets of automation associated with water/wastewater systems, from out in the plant all the way up to the boardroom. He has written and presented on numerous topics of interest to the water and wastewater industry, been involved in research projects for WRF and WERF, and has received several awards from the industry for his dedication and service.

Tom brings to our team more than 37 years of experience with innovative management practices  focused on how technical issues must combine with business practices for success. His experience is related to the management, engineering, implementation, operation, and maintenance of utility businesses as integrated enterprises. His background includes creating strategic technology plans, conducting research, and developing wide-ranging programs of interrelated technical projects. In addition to his consulting engineering experience, he served a decade as an end user and manager of information and process control computer systems with a major municipality.

Please join us in welcoming Tom to the 2012 WWAC Symposium team!

About GrahamNasby

General Symposium Chair ---- Graham Nasby, P.Eng., PMP works for Eramosa Engineering Inc. (, which is a specialty engineering consulting firm that focuses on electrical engineering, system integration, data visualization, and SCADA master planning. Eramosa has extensive experience with the municipal water and wastewater sectors. Contact: